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H4O Logo no tag lineSix Ways YOU Can Help!

IMG_3585 10 by 5edited1.  Monthly Sponsorship-
          a. Sponsor a Teen Transition Home: Our Teen Transition Homes change lives. Teens transition out of state-run orphanages at age 15 or 16. We provide a place for them to go where they experience love in a family environment and learn practical skills they need for everyday life. Teens learn how to live as a family, balance a checkbook, cook, care for younger children and learn employable skills. These are skills we take for granted, but they have likely not experienced. Your monthly sponsorship will make a huge difference as they prepare for their future.
          b. Sponsor the Orphan Outreach Program: A team of volunteers work in several government-run orphanages and reaches out to more than 400 children each week. Within the orphanage’s fences the children are able to experience love from a caring volunteer, learn Bible stories, sing songs, learn crafts and play sports. These children, ranging in age from 5 – 16, light up when the team arrives. For a few hours each week their troubles melt away and their hearts are filled with the love of God through caring adults.

2.  One-Time Donation- Join with Heart for Orphans to support our mission. There is so much more we can do in Ukraine and beyond. We are so grateful for every donor who joins our mission to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.

3.  Let Us Speak Up For You- Heart for Orphans would enjoy speaking at your small group / civic group / bible study, etc. Help us get the word out about the plight of orphans, and how we together, can help make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

4.  Vision & Mission Trips- Come and spend time with us in Ukraine on a mission or vision trip and you will be amazed at what you will see! Mission trips spend a week at one of our homes and work alongside our teens making repairs or working on a project. Or spend a week conducting a Vacation Bible School at an orphanage or camp in Ukraine. Vision trips are fast-paced overview trips that visit our Transition Homes, Orphan Outreach program, and baby houses and/or trade schools. Call the office for more information on upcoming trips.

5.  Organize a Fundraiser or Drive- Do you have a special birthday or event coming up where you could raise funds for Heart for Orphans. What about organizing a vitamin or medicine drive? We would work with you to meet your goals and help teens/children in Ukraine in the process. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

6.  Volunteer- Do you have a professional skill that would help us operationally? We need volunteers to fill in many roles. Do you enjoy planning an event, developing a marketing campaign, running the numbers, or stuffing envelopes? We have need of all different roles for compassionate and willing volunteers. Give us a call and we are happy to explore the possibilities together.