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U.S. Staff

Photo of Valerie Britton
Valerie Britton
Ukraine Field Coordinator

Valerie joined the Heart for Orphans team in December 2015 as the Ukraine Field Coordinator. She is from Moscow and worked as an interpreter for missionaries in Russia for many years. She moved to Virginia in 2001 to get her MA in Practical Theology from Regent University, which she earned in 2004. Valerie loves people and her goal in life is to help them grow in their walk with the Lord. Valerie and her husband, Brian, are the pastors at a church, Dwelling Place, located in Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia. They reside in Williamsburg with their 11 year old daughter, Anastasia.

Photo of Roma Frye
Roma Frye
Fundraising and Event Coordinator

Roma joined the Heart for Orphans team in October of 2013 as the Event & Fundraising Coordinator. She is a Ukrainian-American who grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and as she says “Lubbock was not the mecca for Ukrainian culture,” but her parents instilled in her the love of her heritage – teaching her the language and customs. Roma combined her passion for Ukraine with her desire to help orphans and came on staff.  She has over 15 years of experience in event planning and writing.  She has a degree in Journalism, and a background in television, radio and newspaper reporting. Roma and her husband, Mike have two grown daughters, Talia and Larissa, and attend St. Olaf’s Catholic Church.

Photo of Nancy Hathaway
Nancy Hathaway

Nancy is the Founder/Director of Heart for Orphans—a ministry God placed on her heart after adopting three daughters from Ukraine with her husband Steve. Her story is the foundation of our ministry. Nancy began her professional life as a model and actress while still in her teens, in NY and London. She worked primarily in television commercials, daytime drama (soaps) and industrial films. She had a continuing role as the villainess on the daytime drama ANOTHER LIFE which continues in syndication overseas. She also worked behind the camera as a producer, director and writer for documentaries, commercials and training films for corporate, government and Christian ministries. Nancy and her husband attend Williamsburg Community Chapel and are the parents of four grown children.

Photo of Barbara Stewart
Barbara Stewart
Office Administrator

Barbara is a graduate of University of North Carolina, Greensboro, with a degree in Business Education. She is the newest member of our team, joining the staff in August 2016 as the Office Administrator. Her interest in Heart for Orphans goes back to the ministry’s beginnings when she and many others witnessed and celebrated with Nancy and Steve Hathaway the adoption of their girls from an orphanage in Ukraine. Barb brings some unique experience to the job since she lived overseas for 13 of her adult years and was a houseparent to teens herself. Barbara and her husband, Phil, attend Williamsburg Community Chapel and have three grown daughters and one grandson.

Ukraine Staff

Photo of Andrey
Outreach Coordinator Kirovograd region

Andrey has been part of the Heart for Orphans Ukraine Staff since 2012. He was the housefather at Elisha’s House in Berdyansk and now, Orphan Outreach Coordinator in Kirovograd.  He and wife Tanya, an orphan and former resident of Ruth’s House, are helping change lives one child at a time.  Andrey and his team minister to hundreds of children in orphanages throughout Kirovograd. He loves playing the guitar and uses his talent to inspire the kids.  Andrey dreams of one day opening a Heart for Orphans Transition Home because he knows it is through small transition homes that kids learn to live as a family and to know God.  Andrey and Tanya have one son named Micah.

Photo of Luba

Luba began volunteering with Heart for Orphans in 2014 and joined the Ukrainian staff this past May as the Orphan Outreach Administrator in Kirovograd. Ever since she was a child, she has dreamed of becoming a teacher so she could inspire kids. To her it doesn’t matter whether they come from a home or an orphanage. Luba wants to serve kids with the gifts God gave her! She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Christian Education in 2011 followed by a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ukrainian Language and Literature in 2016. She is also an active volunteer in her church.

Photo of Vova and Tonia
Vova and Tonia
House Parents- Mel’s House and Ruth’s HouseZaporizhzhia region

Vova and Tonia have been part of the Heart for Orphans family since 2011.  They are parents to five biological children and house parents to many orphan teens at Mel’s and Ruth’s Houses.  They believe in their hearts that God called them to this ministry to give back. Vova comes from a large family, he was one of nine children, but when the family fell on hard times, he and his siblings were placed in an orphanage. To this day, he still remembers the feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Tonia on the other hand was an only child, but her father died when she was young and Tonia had to care for her sick mother. She grew up listening to a radio program called “State Children”, but in her mind there is no such thing as state children. Children belong in a family.  Shortly thereafter, Tonia was invited to help out in church ministry. She met Vova, they fell in love and have been married for 10 years. They knew then that their passion was to help children.  They admit that they have the same love for each of the orphan teens in their home as for their own children.