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Mentor Program


Some of our teens are in special circumstances which requires a more customized support. Our Mentor Program is flexible and can be tailored to a teens current life situation. The Mentor Program provides a mature mentor to give guidance and emotional support to older teens and single moms. The program is made possible through sponsorship in the U.S.

Mentor Program Single Sponsorship: $105/month
Some orphan teens (16-22) cannot live in our homes, but still need support. They may be in college or trade school and need to live close to school. They may be far from a transition home, or the local transition home may be full. We match them with a local, mature Christian mentor who meets with them weekly and helps give guidance. Sponsors receive annual reports and photos of their progress.

Mentor Program Single Mom Sponsorship: $135/month
Many orphaned teens find themselves pregnant shortly after leaving the orphanage. Without resources or family support, these girls have no idea how to parent a child. Still children themselves, these girls need love and counsel, as well as practical items like formula and diapers. These young moms and their babies are especially vulnerable! We match them with a mature, Christian woman who can guide and advise them.