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Our homes are making a difference!


Heart for Orphans ministers to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of orphans in Ukraine through the operation of small family-style Transition Homes, a Mentor Program and an Orphan Outreach Program. The Heart for Orphans staff is providing hope for these forgotten youth and teens who could otherwise face a life of crime, addiction or prostitution.

Our Transition Homes offer orphaned teens (age 16-22) a safe place to live so they can grow into stable, mature adults. Staffed by Christian house parents, our kids are given a life they have never known… a home and a family. They are loved, taught life skills, and equipped in a Christ-centered environment.

Similarly, our Mentor Program, reaches older teens (young men and women) and single moms unable to live in our Transition Homes. A Christian mentor encourages, supports and walks with them in their faith on a weekly basis. This program is supported through individual sponsorships in the United States.

The Orphan Outreach Program is designed to mentor and guide youth (age 5-15) still living within the orphanage system. An Outreach Coordinator and their team visit orphanages weekly to provide these young children with hope, love and the sharing of Jesus Christ.