PING-PONG, Anyone?

//PING-PONG, Anyone?

PING-PONG, Anyone?

Sasha is a big guy with a strong presence. He’s quick to tell you that when he was in the orphanage he was a ping-pong champion. He was regarded as the best player in the whole region, and he was even sent to Russia to compete! Sasha has an amazing ability to put together complex jigsaw puzzles in record time. He is also gifted in soccer and basketball, participating in several competitions and winning many awards. Who knows how far he would have gone had life given him different circumstances?

Sasha was one of three brothers. When he was four his mother drowned his father in the river. The boys were sent to live with their grandmother. Shortly thereafter his mother was shot and killed by her boyfriend, and his world fell apart. The brothers were separated; he and his older brother were sent to different orphanages, while a local family adopted his younger brother.

Sasha grew up in an orphanage by himself and learned to fight. His intimidating presence earned him his own room. After graduating he was sent to trade school to learn construction. One of his friends invited him to visit Mel’s House, a Heart for Orphans Transition Home. He went, but didn’t stay. Sasha had grown up lying and stealing. Even though he wanted to change, he couldn’t, so he thought it best to leave.

Soon afterwards Sasha was drafted into the army and was sent to fight in Donetsk. Sadly he was badly injured. Both of his knees were broken. It was during this time that another soldier told him about God. They talked and prayed together often. That was the turning point for Sasha. He was so grateful to survive and knew God had a reason for saving him.

Sasha returned to Mel’s House a changed person. He no longer swears, lies, or steals. “I’m very thankful that my life has changed. People trust me now. I take care of the pigs and the house,” he says. In March he was baptized, and in April he married Kristina. “God led me right to my future wife!”

He said, “I pray God continues this important ministry. I want to thank everyone who helps orphans and doesn’t forget we exist and need help!” 


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