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Anastasia’s House

14012421_10210123916197339_1081787225_oHeart for Orphans is excited to announce the opening of Anastasia’s House, a new home for orphaned girls in eastern Ukraine! The name is truly fitting as Anastasia means “resurrection” or “new life”, which is at the very heart and mission of our Transition Home Program.

We are proud that Natasha, once an orphan herself, and her husband, Sergey, will be the house parents of Anastasia’s House.  Many of you may remember Natasha, as she is one of our own.  When Natasha aged out of 13978109_10210091853515792_2049884413_othe orphanage, she came to live at Esther’s House where she grew very close to her housemother, Nadyezhda Ivanovna.  Because of Nadyezhda’s sympathetic nature, her guidance, and the loving care she gave the girls at Esther’s House, Natasha decided that she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Her dream became reality in August when she and Sergey opened the doors at Anastasia’s House to three teenage girls.  The couple met the girls when they, with members of the their church, delivered food to the children at the orphanage because there was never enough to eat.  Over time, the couple connected with the girls and when they aged out of the orphanage and had no place to go, Natasha and Sergey welcomed them.

Heart for Orphans has been blessed to see so many orphans who once lived in our homes, grow up and want to give back, just as others gave to them when they were vulnerable.  Isn’t that the way it should be?

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