An Interesting Perspective

//An Interesting Perspective

An Interesting Perspective

IMG_3835“I just wanted to share a little tidbit to let you know Heart for Orphans (H4O) is never far from my heart and mind. Last Sunday, as is done in many churches this time of year, a group of high school and college seniors were being recognized for the milestones they had accomplished at this point in their young lives. During this short part of the worship service, the faces of the amazing kids we visited last September were staring at me from the pages of our H4O newsletter, which was tucked away in my Bible. I couldn’t help but think about the huge differences in the lives of the graduates compared to our young people in Ukraine. Yet you wouldn’t really be able to recognize the fact that at about the same age and stage in life, our Ukrainian teens are just beginning something that our American teens have been blessed with all their lives. Of course, these American graduates have certainly had their fair share of challenges in life, but to think of just beginning to know the meaning of family at ages 16-19 is pretty hard to fathom. To say nothing of their smiles and the joy the Ukrainian teens exude!! So, keep up the good work! I’m really beyond happy that I can contribute in just some small way to the future of these beloved teens.” – Kathy Morzark, Ukraine Vision Trip September 2015


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