Vika and Vova… Making a Difference in Kenya!

//Vika and Vova… Making a Difference in Kenya!

Vika and Vova… Making a Difference in Kenya!

In a small village in Central Kenya, the fruit of our ministry continues to grow.

Vika and her husband, Vova, are Orphan Outreach Coordinators in Kenya, doing work very few are willing to do. They are opening their arms and hearts to street children.

Vika & VovaVika grew up as an orphan, never knowing the love of a mother. After she graduated from the orphanage she was sent to a trade school where she met many of the girls who lived at Ruth’s Houses, a Heart For Orphans Transition Home. She felt there was something special at Ruth’s House, and asked if she could live there permanently. The house parents loved her as one of their own, and Vika began to heal.  She found the love and acceptance she needed at Ruth’s House, and grew into a woman whose broken heart was changed forever.

Vika went on to study at Bible College. Afterwards, she had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Kenya and work in an orphanage for babies with AIDS.  She fell in love with the children and knew this was her life’s calling! During this time she met Vova, who had the same calling, and the two of them married. They moved to a desolate region in Kenya and began their journey of ministering to orphans, including Samson…

Samson1Twelve-year-old Samson is a street child whose home is the dump. Samson’s story is sad… his father died when he was three years old and his mother turned to drinking. She beat Samson relentlessly… to the point that he ran away from home. He was a mere child, but living on the streets was better than being abused. Like Vika, Samson is an orphan.  But unlike Vika he has lived his whole life on the streets, begging for food or surviving off the food he finds in the dump.

Vika and Vova go to the dump two times a week to build a relationship with Samson and other street kids. They bring them food and medicine, talk to them about life, and tell them about Jesus. But mostly, they show them love! Kenya Dump Pic1They have also started the Kids of Kerio Project, providing food to over 60 families monthly. In January, they gave out medicine to over 400 people. In addition, they work with the local church and minister to the congregation. Vika has even taken on teaching a children’s Sunday school class.

Amazingly, Vika and Vova keep this busy schedule while living in a tent and cooking their food over a campfire!  Vova is also building a house for his growing family (Michael is 18 months, Vika is expecting a second child, and they are adopting a 2-year-old Kenyan boy).

Even though Vika is far away, she still thinks of Ruth’s House and the loving house parents who nurtured her as her family. Now as a wife, mother, and missionary, she is giving back what she was given – a new life… a hope and a future!

Vika with Kenyan childrenVika and Vova are able to help boys like Samson, only because of your donation.  You have made this possible! But now with limited finances we need your help to continue the program in Kenya. The needs are great!

Please donate to Heart for Orphans, so that we can continue to provide the food, medicine, and support this young couple needs to continue their vital work.

Vika and Vova chose to fulfill their destiny by helping the street children in Kenya. Will you help us help them?  

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