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Soaring Like An Eagle!

Dima, who graduated from Mel’s House, is the type of young man any mother would be proud of! Dima was an orphan, not wanted by anyone. After graduating from the orphanage, he came to live at a Heart for Orphans Transition Home, Mel’s House, where he was surrounded by the love and patience he needed. House parents Vova and Tonia nurtured and showed him that his life had meaning. Dima soared! He studied hard, learned how to play the piano, but most of all gained the confidence he lacked. Today, Dima is in Bible College and plans on becoming a pastor.

Dima and NancyDuring the holidays, Dima returned to the only home he knew, Mel’s House, and to the only family he has. In a conversation with Nancy, he said, “I felt like a little bird that came under my mother’s wing when I returned.”  This moment filled Dima with joy knowing he has family.

Our staff in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kenya is doing a huge job.  They are not only a gift to us, but to every child and teen they help.  Our house parents, orphan outreach coordinators and mentors are the foundation of our program. Without them, there would be no Heart for Orphans.  So from our hearts to their hearts, thank you for a job well done!

Watch our video, Family of the Heart, about Dima and three other orphans who came to live in our Transition Homes.

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