Changed Lives

//Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Tonia, Sergey, Leonid, and VovaThe year ended on a high note for Leonid and Sergey, two of our boys from Mel’s House. After six months of preparation, the boys were baptized before their church family and their brothers and sisters from Mel’s and Ruth’s Houses’. Both said they were nervous, but so excited to finally dedicate their lives to God.

Housefather Vova said both boys are great kids. He described them as hard working, helpful, and dedicated to serving. Leonid, 20, has lived at Mel’s House for three years, and loves to sing in the church choir. Leonid ChernoknizgnyHe graduated from Trade School as a painter and currently is helping Ukrainian refugees who have flooded into the village due to the war. Sergey is the more passionate one. He has been at Mel’s House for the past year and a half. He is 18 years old, still in Trade School and wants to one day become a Pastor.

Our congratulations go to both boys for making the decision to publically demonstrate their faith in God!

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