Will you help baby Benjamin?

//Will you help baby Benjamin?

Will you help baby Benjamin?

Natasha with BenjaminBenjamin almost died.  He stopped breathing for 15 minutes during childbirth. Panic stricken, all his parents could do was pray. Pray that their son would live! Those were the longest 15 minutes of Natasha’s life, but God heard their prayers and miraculously baby Benjamin started breathing!

Natasha, now a wife and a mother of two, was an orphan who lived in Esther’s House, a Heart for Orphans Transition Home. She spent four years there learning life-skills, continuing her education, but most importantly learning what family means. Natasha often reminisces, “If I had not been given the opportunity to live at Esther’s House, it would be hard for me to find a place in the world today.” (See her video)

Natash with familyNatasha did find her place when she met and married Sergey. Together they have a healthy daughter, Danielle, 3, and Benjamin, now 1. Although her pregnancy was normal, complications arose during delivery resulting in a lack of oxygen to sweet Benjamin’s brain. He is now delayed in all of his motor skills. He cannot sit up, or use his hands, or talk and has recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Desperate for answers, Natasha prayed for a miracle and began to research options. She discovered a clinic in the Czech Republic that is world-renown for performing alternative treatments on children with developmental delays such as Benjamin’s with remarkable success. The younger the child, the more promising the outcome.

After reviewing Benjamin’s records, he was accepted into the treatment program beginning January 2016. However, the cost of $7600 is daunting. Natasha needs our help raising this money.  Amazingly, she has raised over $1,000, but she still has $6600 to go. Please…will you help Natasha’s son receive the care he needs?

Donate today at www.heartfororphans.com or mail in your gift to Heart for Orphans, P.O. Box 6295, Williamsburg, VA  23188. Please be sure and designate this donation to “Benjamin’s Care”.

UPDATE: ALL funds for Benjamin have been raised! Praise God!

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