Maxim’s Surgery, Thank You Riverside!

//Maxim’s Surgery, Thank You Riverside!

Maxim’s Surgery, Thank You Riverside!

Maxim CroppedA BIG thank you to Riverside Medical Center, President and CEO Bill Downey and neurosurgeon Dr. William McAllister for providing 16-year-old Maxim with a new lease on life. Maxim, an orphan teen from Ukraine travelled to the U.S. in October to receive life-changing surgery through the help of Heart for Orphans. Dr. McAllister repaired Maxim’s skull, which had been fractured in two places when he was a toddler, by covering portions that had grown apart with mesh netting. The surgery was performed in Newport News at no cost.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone involved with this surgery – from the hospital for making it happen, to the doctor’s, nurses and entire staff for providing Maxim with kind and excellent care!

Maxim arrived in Ukraine November 10th with a fresh start that will include playing soccer! Thank you!!

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