How Our Transition Homes Change Teens

//How Our Transition Homes Change Teens

How Our Transition Homes Change Teens

Like so many orphans in Ukraine, Timofey was left to grow up without a family… abandoned by those who are suppose to care for him.  Timofey was just a face in a crowd of children – alone in the world – until  he found his way to Mel’s House, a Heart for Orphans boys home where he finally received the love and respect he deserved.

Timofey with bibleTimofey is a handsome young man whose warm smile hides the many hardships he has endured. Although his life’s journey has been difficult, he has a deep desire to serve others.

He found his way because someone cared! And now Timofey cares! He is the Orphan Outreach Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan, where he has been since 2012 reaching out to orphan children. But Timofey is doing more… he is reaching out to the whole community.

Timofey was orphaned at 2… his mother dropped him off at the orphanage and never returned. Throughout his childhood, he suffered from feelings of abandonment and rejection. As a youth, he wanted to play professional soccer but knew in his heart that without the support of parents, his dream was just that… a dream. As a teen, he made mistakes because there were too many temptations and no one to provide direction. He felt alone in the world!

In 2009, Timofey found his way to a Heart for Orphans transition home, Mel’s House, where our house parents loved and nurtured him. They gave Timofey hope that his life mattered, and God had a purpose for him. Finally, when he was 19 years old, he cried out to God, “What is my purpose? What is Your plan for my life?”

Soon afterwards, he had an opportunity to study at a Bible College. While there, he felt an increasing desire to become a missionary in Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia. He knew in his heart that God was revealing His purpose for him… to minister to orphans like him in Kyrgyzstan!

Timofey-July CampOnce he arrived, he began visiting orphanages regularly and sharing words of encouragement with the children. He told the kids his life story and how he had changed, they were amazed and wanted to learn more about God. Since then, he teaches from the Bible, plays sports with them and shares gifts of food, candy and toys. Mostly he just loves them! Timofey now has a thriving Orphan Outreach Program, and ran a popular summer camp in July with his team.

As he became entrenched in the life of this small mountainous community he began to see yet another need… helping his neighbors. Timofey learned howTimofey with milk can to do small construction repairs so that he could help the community. “The needs are great here,” said Timofey. After praying about his next step and securing the support from Heart for Orphans, Timofey purchased a cow so he could distribute daily much-needed milk, butter and cottage cheese to his poverty community. He plans to develop a small farm so he can provide food to his community and teach the orphans a skill so they can be self-supporting.

Timofey said, “God gave me the desire to help orphans just like me, and then He opened the door in Kyrgyzstan. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Please help support Heart for Orphans’ valuable work in Kyrgyzstan, and let orphans there know God loves them and has a plan for their lives! Help us teach them the skills they need to improve their lives, and the communities in which they live. Who better to teach them than someone like Timofey… a former orphan himself!

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