Ukraine: September 1st – 12th

//Ukraine: September 1st – 12th

Ukraine: September 1st – 12th

2013-09-17 07.32.24“Catch the Vision” of Heart for Orphans during an 11-day trip to Ukraine.*  Join Nancy Hathaway on a life-changing journey and learn more about what we do and why we do it! You will be visiting our Transition Homes, orphanage baby houses, children’s Orphanages and Trade Schools.

This fast-paced yet exciting trip will provide a thorough overview of our programs and a personal introduction to our teens and house parents.  The tour will begin in Odessa, Ukraine, located on the Black Sea where trip participants will have the opportunity to spend time with our teens at Mercy House. From there, the group will travel to Kherson to get an update from Alys West on the building of Stephen’s and Naomi’s Houses for handicapped teens. Then it is off to Kirovograd, to learn more about our Orphan Outreach Program. Currently Andrey, Kirovograd Outreach Coordinator, ministers to more than 200 children in four orphanages and his ministry is still growing.  We then travel to Berdyansk to check in on our teens in Ruth’s and Mel’s Houses and join them in a small work project. Then it’s off to Zaporizhzhia to see the vision for a new home and meet Tanya, who is a teen mother and part of our Mentor Program.

Get involved with Heart for Orphans by going on this incredible trip! For more information, call Heart for Orphans at 757-220-3457, email or check out the Vision Trip Summer 2015 Packet.

*Although the areas of travel for our Vision Trip are far from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine, please be assured if the situation were to become too dangerous for travel, we will postpone this trip! 

Vision Trip Route Map

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