My Life Has Changed! Marina’s Story

//My Life Has Changed! Marina’s Story

My Life Has Changed! Marina’s Story

online_Marina_blueT_cutout (1)Marina was eight years old when social workers came to her house and took her and her five sisters away. They were all placed in an orphanage because their mother didn’t have the means to care for them and their father was nowhere to be found. “It was hard living in the orphanage,” Marina said. “There was no understanding, support or even friendship.” Those years were difficult.

Two years ago, Marina came to Ruth’s House. She was 16 years old and had just graduated from the orphanage. Marina came because her older sister, Oksana had lived there and she saw how dramatically she had changed! She also saw how happy her sister was to be part of a family. Marina so desperately wanted a family to care for her, too!

At Ruth’s House, house parents Vova and Tonia did just that! They showered her with love, patience, and understanding. They instilled in Marina a sense of right and wrong, and taught her about God’s unconditional love for her. “When I came here I saw what real family is, and how good it is when you have a daddy and mother to care for you. I can get advice from parents Vova and Tonia, and even from other kids that live here.” 

Marina and ToniaMarina admits she has changed a lot, especially in the way she communicates with others… “I am not as rude, or rough and tough as I was when I first got here.” She still feels that she has much to learn. “I want to continue to change and become more like God so that my relatives can see the transformation in my life, too.”

Marina has been attending trade school and will graduate this year. However, she doesn’t want to stop there. she wants to attend medical college and become a nurse. Her dream is to become a missionary in Italy. Marina wants to get married and have a family like her two older sisters, and just like Tonia and Vova who have been like the parents she never had.

Marina is so appreciative of what she has today! “I’m grateful to have opportunity to live in such great conditions… it’s easier to follow God here than in a dorm or orphanage. I’m grateful to Vova and Tonia, for being such wonderful and kind house parents.” She also sends thanks to everyone who prays for them and supports Heart for Orphans. “I am so thankful for your help!”

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