The War Through Anya’s Eyes

//The War Through Anya’s Eyes

The War Through Anya’s Eyes

Anya_smallAs the situation worsens in Ukraine and war looms, it is the orphans who suffer the most. Anya is a pretty girl with a twinkle in her eye, but these days her eyes are filled with panic and fear. Anya lived in Grace House in Makiyivka, but as of late she has been living in a trade school dorm in war-torn Donetsk. The windows have been blown out and it is cold. The clothes she has are not enough to keep her warm, and at night she hides underground in a shelter listening to explosions overhead, frightened for her life.

Anya’s one meal a day consists of watery soup or hot cereal because the orphanages and trade schools have not been given the funds needed to operate.  Orphans, like Anya have not received their stipend for months. To make matters worse, her teacher was killed and in the end, the school closed.

Anya and her Grace House family were evacuated last spring due to the fighting. They spent the summer in Kiev and Odessa. But when school resumed in September, the group had to move back east to Slovansk where most of the kids were enrolled. But Anya’s trade school would not allow her to relocate to Slovansk. She learned that war or no war; she was expected to be in class at her trade school in Donetsk! So she left the group and went back to the trade school dorm. “The situation is horrible! I am very scared for my life!” she said. Then classes were cancelled and the kids were told to leave. “Where am I going to go?” she said. “I have no money and no place to go. I’m hungry and I don’t have warm clothes. Doesn’t anyone care about me?” She prayed that God would protect her and keep her alive for another day.

Heart for Orphans called to check on her, and she began to cry and share her desperation. Through our church contacts in Ukraine, we were able to get her safely past the checkpoints and out of the city. What a miracle! She was given a hot meal, warm clothes, and a bus ticket to Mercy House in Odessa where she will be loved.

Through your generosity, Heart for Orphans is able to provide for kids like Anya. Please pray for her protection. There are many other orphans in harms way. Please continue to help us, so we can help them!  And pray for peace in Ukraine!

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