10 Days and Counting!

//10 Days and Counting!

10 Days and Counting!

marine-corps-marathon-runners-flickr-ron-foreman1Help us cheer on Team Heart for Orphans as they go for it all in this year’s Marine Corps Marathon!  With this year’s race just 10 days away (October 26th), join us in supporting the efforts of Steve Hathaway, Don Ferguson, and Lee Hilt as they run to raise money for Heart for Orphans.

All three runners have set individual goals of $2,620, that is 50 people pledging $2 per mile per racer, and according to Steve, that seems doable! Click here and choose the team member you wish to support.  Please share this with your friends! Let’s help Team H4O make this run worthwhile!

Steve, a Heart for Orphans board member, is a former Marine and an avid exerciser who gets up before the sun rises every morning to either run, kayak or bike. He says working out helps him stay focused, motivated and in shape.  For Steve, training for the marathon has included running three five-mile runs per week and an 18-mile run over the weekends. In between those runs he participates in other races…recently he travelled to Massachusetts to join Don and Lee in a Triathlon, which included kayaking 5 miles, biking 27 miles and running 6.2 miles.

photo-3If you can join us October 26th in DC to cheer them on, we would love to see you! If you can’t, please consider supporting their effort with a donation. Thank you SO much!!!

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