Fenced In!!!

//Fenced In!!!

Fenced In!!!

IMG_20140518_074855Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to build a much-needed fence around Mel’s & Ruth’s Houses.  Housemother Tonya said, “we have prayed for two years to have a chance to change the fence”.  Last week, their prayers were answered. A IMG_20140520_074518new metal fence was placed around the perimeter of both houses and the adjoining garden. The homes are located on the central street of the village, and the new fence will add privacy, security and reduce the amount of trash tossed into the yard. In the monthly report, housemother Tonya writes,” We’re so grateful to our Lord and people who donated money for the fence. This is a big God’s blessing for us.”

IMG_20140531_074830What may appear routine to us is significant to the orphan teens and the house parents we help. Please continue to support our efforts in Ukraine as your donations go a long way to improve lives and surroundings.

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