Nancy and Steve in Ukraine

//Nancy and Steve in Ukraine

Nancy and Steve in Ukraine

photo 1On Monday of this week, Nancy and Steve Hathaway flew to Ukraine to check in with houseparents and ministry partners. In a Skype call with the office yesterday, Nancy reported that everything seems normal despite the delicate situation in Ukraine. People are praying and calling out to God throughout the country to keep their homeland safe.

Nancy also reported that all of our homes and teens are safe. We are not in harms way.

Nancy’s visits to Ukraine give her the opportunity to meet with  houseparents one on one and visit with ministry partners for necessary feedback. This is a positive way to keep the ministry moving forward.  She and Steve are spending the week in Berdyansk, location of Mel’s, Ruth’s and Elisha’s houses. This visit is even more special as the two of them will witness the marriage of Andrei and Tanya on Saturday. Andrei is the house father for Elisha’s house.

From our hearts to their’s, congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom!
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