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Crisis in Ukraine: What Will Their Future Hold?

“As frightening as this may sound, I am encouraged because people all over the country are praying… praying for peace and God’s protection.” 

Steve and I just returned from Ukraine where we spent time with our kids, house parents, in-country partners and staff. Everyone is safe and out of harms way. However, the feeling throughout the country is one of fear, and uncertainty. Fear that the Russians will march in and take over and no one will help. Ukrainians do not want war, but they are also prepared to defend their country! As I write this, Russian troops have taken over government buildings in five cities on the border, and the Ukrainian military has mobilized a defense.

pray_for_ukraine_handAs frightening as this may sound, I am encouraged because people all over the country are praying… praying for peace and God’s protection. From small villages to large cities, ministers of the Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox churches are joining together to lead downtown prayer rallies and cry out to God. Churches are packed and people who have never been to churchin their entire lives are coming for prayer!

Our kids, house parents, and staff are praying as well. Praying that God will intercede, stave off war, and bless their country. I am encouraged by their strength and resolve! Their focus is on the Lord and they all feel they are exactly where God has placed them. They have no interest in leaving, but know they have a big job in front of them, that will only get bigger if things take a turn for the worse.

If things go bad the church will be forced to work “underground” but as one of our Ukrainian partners said, “The church here knows how to work underground. We did it for almost a hundred years!”

Inflation is spiraling and costs are increasing daily. The government is cutting back. More orphans will be on the streets, more children will be left without care, and more youth will struggle to make sense of a world gone crazy. A greater burden will be placed on our ministry and on our homes. Ultimately, this drives an increased need for additional house parents and staff to minister to these hurting kids as well as an increase in financial resources. Please pray for God’s blessings. At this moment, I am thankful we serve a God who knows our needs, and will provide!

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