Ukraine Touched Our Hearts Forever

//Ukraine Touched Our Hearts Forever

Ukraine Touched Our Hearts Forever

Esther's House Girls and EBA Girls CROPPEDIt’s always wonderful to hear the impact a trip to Ukraine has on an individuals heart. In the summer of 2013, the Ukraine Missions Team out of North Carolina traveled to Ukraine with Heart for Orphans.

Donna Landes, one of the team members recently sent us an email with the following comment:

“On behalf of the team, I would share that going with Nancy to Ukraine touched our hearts forever and we came home only ready to go again. Meeting the house parents and the young people only confirmed our calling to go and we will cherish each moment spent with them as these are memories, forever, in our hearts and minds rather it was spending time with them building the chicken house; or riding around with them in the van; or sitting down with them for a meal (all the meals were wonderful); or sharing smiles and hugs with children with special needs; or sharing stories of faith and hope, these are memories, forever, in our hearts and our minds. We continually ask God to bless our efforts and praise Him for what was accomplished! We are especially in prayer everyday as our Christian brothers and sisters are facing the unknown and will continue to pray for them in the coming days, months, and years. We are also in prayer for Nancy and all those associated with Heart for Orphans as they strive to honor God through their service. We serve an amazing God and He is in control of all things!”

Paula's pictures 901This team traveled to Ukraine to minister to orphan children with special needs, and to teach the boys from Mel’s House how to grow their chicken and pig business. This source of income has allowed two Heart for Orphans homes (Ruth & Mel’s Houses) to begin the process of becoming self-supporting.

Thank you Donna and team members for providing us with such positive feedback!

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