Ripple Effect

//Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

Your support of the work we do in Ukraine has a ripple effect on the lives of children around the world.

Isn’t it humbling to see how our own trials often pale in comparison to others? Things we so often take for granted… like heat and hot water… are answers to prayer for others.

Ira Nadia editedIra & Nadya, two of our girls, give so much of themselves, but ask for nothing in return. Both girls grew up as orphans. They spent their childhood in an orphanage until they aged out and finally found home…Esther’s House, a Heart for Orphans transition home in Kherson. Here they were given the opportunity to blossom, they were loved and learned how to give back.

And that they did! Three years ago, after graduating from Esther’s House and attending Bible College, Ira went off to Kyrgyzstan to work with orphans and at-risk children. She wanted to give back because who would better understand the struggles an orphan faces, than another orphan. This year Nadya joined her after her graduation because she, too, has a desire to help other girls like herself.

Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia wedged between China and Kazakhstan, and north of Afghanistan.  It is a cold, mountainous country and the winters are brutal, but not once has either girl complained.

Although Heart for Orphans primary mission continues to be our homes for orphaned teens, we support many of our youth who have gone into full-time orphan ministry in Ukraine as well as other parts of the world (India, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan).

Not only do we support these young adults financially, but we keep a close relationship. Last week I spoke with Ira and she told me how cold it was there, and that often the heat gets turned off in their apartment. She also revealed that they have been sleeping huddled together on a mat on the floor, with just a few blankets to keep warm, and that their apartment had no furnishings! For three years she has ministered quietly to hurting children, and never once complained or revealed how sparse the circumstances were! I was shocked. I told her to find a better apartment, one with a bed and some basic furnishings. She did, and Ira and Nadia 1this week the girls moved in. Here is the note I received from her:

Nancy, we are so thankful for your help….. You know, when we was praying about apartment, we even can not thought that God will give us so much more than we are asking!…. This new apartment it’s so big blessing for us…..To have beds, where so warm and comfortable sleep, to have a case where it is possible to put clothes instead of using a suitcase for this… warmly and constantly there is a hot water, and we are happy that we have enough plaсe for inviting friends….Thank you so much!

Big hugs from me and Nadya to you! We are so happy about new apartment. All of this situation with the apartment, and all difficulties what we had with this and God’s help through you, showed us how much our Father cares about us and reminded us that even if we orphans we are not alone, we have You, Heart for Orphans and Agape (our partners)…this is our big family and support.

Your donations have made this possible.  You see, without a biological family to turn to, the girls turn to the only family they know… Heart for Orphans and their Christian community! Thank you, dear friends, for helping us provide for them. Not only are you providing basic needs to orphans, they are in-turn spreading the good news and teaching other orphans that God loves them and has not forgotten them.

Please continue to give! Your gifts are enabling us to help Ira, Nadya and many, many others! For many kids, we are their only family and the ones they turn to when they have a need. Without your help, we couldn’t do this!

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