Crisis in Ukraine

//Crisis in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine

UkraineMapTransitionMany of you have been following the stories of the crisis in Ukraine, and several have asked how it has affected our homes and our kids.  Are they safe? Our homes are currently safe and a great distance from the situation in Kyiv. (340-450 miles away!) For the most part, it is business as usual in the cities and villages where our homes are located.

H4O Logo no tag lineThat said, we are continuing to monitor the situation very carefully and developing operational contingency plans for the ministry, should the situation deteriorate. We join together with the larger community of faith, both there and abroad, who are praying for a peaceful resolution. Our prayer is that freedom, honesty and integrity would prevail throughout Ukraine, and the years of corruption and oppression would be a past memory.

Please pray for Ukraine at this crucial time! This is truly a crossroads for this great country. Please also pray for protection for our homes, the staff and the orphans we serve.

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